Glendalough Preparation and Report


before you go…………..
Revise the chapter on glaciation in your text book and from the notes you took in class.

For the trip………………
Wear warm clothes – several thin layers are better than two thick layers
bring waterproofs – or at the very least, a rain proof jacket even if the weather looks good near school, it can still be quite cold in the mountains
Wear a pair of strong shoes – if you have walking boots, all the better.
There’s a lot of walking involved so it’s important to have comfortable, waterproof footwear

You will need

  1.  A notepad
  2. pencil
  3. Plastic bag
  4. some zip-loc bags (like at an airport) (about 5) or other containers for soil/rock/vegetation samples
  5. A mobile phone with a camera (or just camera) is also useful.

Have a good breakfast
Bring a snack for energy (chocolate bar is good)
Bring something for lunch

Glendalough Field Trip Report

You have to write a report (maximum of 1500 words) of what you discovered on the trip
Your report should ideally be presented in a scrapbook or some other presentation media.

Writing your Report
Your sources of information are:-

  1. Your existing knowledge of glaciation
  2. the answers to the questions in your field trip questionnaire
  3. information on tourist signs in Glendalough
  4. other information from the field samples of rocks, soils and vegetation you collected
  5. photographs you took any other research you have done and……………..
  6. Your next class after the trip – the ‘review class’ don’t miss it.

Outline of your report – use these headings

Introduction and Aims
Why you went on the trip;

Preparation and Planning
What did you have to do to prepare for the trip? Did you study glaciation? Examine hazard awareness? Identify equipment needed?

Site and situation
Situation is the general location of Glendalough. Site is the specific location of the valley

The Geology of Glendalough
Rock types present, how they were formed and location in the valley

The Mining Industry in Glendalough
When and why did mining take place; What was mined; how was it mined; why the mining industry declined.

The influence of Ice on the Landscape
When was there ice in the valley; what was the valley like before the ice; Where did the ice come from; what did it do to the landscape;

The Influence of Rivers on the Landscape
Where are the rivers in the current landscape; what river landforms and processes are visible; what is their impact on the landscape.

Settlement in Glendalough

  • Past
    the monastic settlement of Glendalough
  • Present
    The tourism industry in glendalough
  • Future
    What it the future for Glendalough;
    could/should it be developed; if so, how? if not, why?
    what impact would this have?

Why do you think that Glendalough is important; Did you enjoy the trip – what was the highlight;


Your report is due a week after the trip. That means you do not have much time to write it (along with revision and classes, homework etc). So do not spend TOO long on it but it still must be your BEST effort. It does NOT have to be typed, although typed would be very nice. Presentation is very important but content is the most important. If you still plan on typing it, make sure your printer is working and has enough ink in it before you begin! “The printer broke” is not an acceptable excuse.

Late submitted reports will be docked a grade. Even a day late. Even if your printer broke.

include your field notes and sketches

enjoy the field study!